• Troubleshoot Bank Feeds Web Connect Import Issues And Errors

    QuickBooks Web Connect Import Error “No New Transactions” FIXED

    QuickBooks connects seamlessly with your bank and finance institutions to deliver unmatchable accounting services. But errors can come up at any point, such as QuickBooks Web Connect import error. When the user attempts to import a Web Connect file (.qbo) downloaded from the bank’s website, QuickBooks error message “Nothing imported” might appear.  QuickBooks Web Connect import error from a financial institution is displayed as “There are no transactions appear. Just click here to view common fixes with this issue.” Follow our blog when there will be no new transactions available and resolve any related issue.

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    To avail help on QuickBooks Web Connect import error from experts. In terms of errors linked to banks, it really is wiser to depend on professionals to avoid any data loss.

    • Reasons why Nothing Imported after Importing a QuickBooks Online File
    • The Web Connect file you might be trying to import has no new transactions.
    • The transactions have already been imported already. That's the dates collide ultimately causing error.
    • The QuickBooks company file could have been infected or damaged.
    • You imported a Statement with a longer date range, then attempted to re-import a statement for dates within that range.

    Troubleshoot Bank Feeds Web Connect Import Issues And Errors

    Troubleshooting Techniques To Resolve QuickBooks No New Transactions Found Error

    Method 1: Cross-check when it comes to dates

    One of the reasons why you encounter QuickBooks Web Connect import error is the fact that the date array of the transactions to be imported overlaps. Check that you should not download and import transactions which were imported already.


    Method 2: Shift to the Register Mode

    • Through the Edit menu, click Preferences.
    • Choose Checking option for sale in the left pane.
    • Go on to Company Preferences tab.
    • Click on Classic Mode (Register Mode) through the Bank Feeds section.
    • Finally click OK.


    Method 3: Download Transactions Directly from Bank’s Website and then Import

    • Open your bank’s website.
    • Download and Save the .QBO file to your desktop.
    • Open QuickBooks and go through following steps.
    • Open File menu and choose Utilities.
    • Choose Import.
    • Proceed to Webconnect files.
    • Go through the File location and select file and then Open.
    • Utilizing the instructions from the Import Wizard, complete the import.


    Method 4: Modify Identifier and Reload the Web Connect Files

    Each transaction inside the file has a distinctive identifier and modifying it slightly you can reload the internet connect files. The actual intent behind unique identifier is to ensure no duplicate transactions are imported. In exchange, you can easily avoid QuickBooks no new transactions found issue.

    • Making use of the text editor, open the internet connect file.
    • Choose Edit and head to Find.
    • Click on Find and Replace.
    • Into the search field enter <FITID>.
    • When you look at the Replace field type <FITID> 1.
    • Select Replace All and then Done.
    • Head to File menu and move to Utilities.
    • From Import, click on Web Connect.


    See if QuickBooks not importing bank transactions is resolved.

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    Method 5: Review the Web Connect (.qbo) for QuickBooks “no transactions to process” Error

    • Download and then save the .qbo file to your desktop.
    • Right-click regarding the file and in Open with Notepad or Excel.
    • Review this file for the possibility of every errors. Remove invalid characters like &, # or other invalid character strings.

    All Tags must have data, that will be described below:

    • <STMTTRN> tag must have a conclusion tag.
    • <FITID> , <NAME> tags must have character length <= 32.
    • MEMO field has the payee information that exceeded limit of NAME MEMO field’s length should not be more than 255 characters.

    Note:  QuickBooks cannot auto-match payee information appearing when you look at the MEMO field. These transactions must be manually matched.


    In the event .QBO file does not have the initial BID information, QuickBooks desktop will never be importing bank transactions.

    As per the QuickBooks version, discover the BID information:

    • For QuickBooks 2017 click on this link
    • For QuickBooks 2018 click the link
    • QuickBooks 2019 users view here
    • For QuickBooks 2020 click Here

    When you look at the window that opens up, press Ctrl + F and search the official name of the bank. Note the 5 digit number to the left hand column. Enter it as shown.

    • Save the .QBO file.
    • Before importing the .QBO file, create a backup.


    Method 6: Check if .QBO can be Downloaded in a Test Company File

    • Click File menu and choose New Company.
    • Click on Express Start.
    • Regarding the newly created company file, add Chart of Accounts into the banking account displaying error.
    • Put up the account for Bank Feeds.
    • Download the Bank Feed transactions to test the account.


    Method 7: Deactivate, Create New, Merge and lastly Reactivate

    • Deactivate the financial institution Feeds for a merchant account.
    • With the following steps create a new bank account.
    • Click Lists menu, and go to Chart of Accounts.
    • Into the Chart of Accounts window, right-click anywhere and choose New.
    • Choose Bank when it comes to Account Type.
    • Go into the name regarding the bank into Account Name field.
    • Hit Save & Close.
    • Rename the old account utilizing the name of the new account to merge the two accounts.
    • Right-click the old account.
    • Choose the Edit option.
    • Within the Account Name field, type the name for the new account.
    • On the Merge warning dialog box, click on Yes.
    • Set up the merged account fully for Bank Feeds.

    If the QuickBooks Web Connect import error persists even after carefully going right on through each step of the process, you can easily contact Support number. Our dedicated experts will look into why QuickBooks desktop just isn't importing bank transactions and resolve it in quick time.

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