QuickBooks Desktop File Extensions List 

    Do you realize what exactly is file extensions?

    The file extension is employed for saving data and each file has own importance in QuickBooks Desktop.

    Every file extension has an original name. Now we shall discuss in more detail about how QuickBooks File Extensions are employed in QuickBooks Desktop Editions?

    Different File Extensions for every single file are used by different QuickBooks versions like QuickBooks 2016, QuickBooks Enterprise 2017, etc. Therefore, each file type features its own importance to save lots of the data.


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    Need for File Extensions used in QuickBooks Desktop:

    • It allows the users to quickly identify the type of a file’s contents.
    • File extension-making searches easy.
    • File extension provides a straightforward way of  keeping all files of the identical type together.
    • By file extensions, simple to identify form of a file a specific is merely looking at the file name.
    • Make it possible to identify the kind of file.
    • Keep up with the security for the file.


    QuickBooks Extensions for Windows

    QuickBooks Working Files

    File ExtensionFile TypesDescription*.QBWQuickBooks Company filesThe QBW format is from the Intuit QuickBooks application. It uses QBW files to store financial information, templates, letters, logos, and images for an organization.*.QBBQuickBooks Backup file formatQBB files are backups of QBW files that save a business financial information like templates, logos, letters, images, etc.*.QBMQuickBooks Portable fileCompressed form of the QuickBooks company file *.QBM files are ideal for sharing due to the smaller file size.*.QBIQuickBooks Image fileThe *.QBI file use for transactions which have been written until they've been posted to your hard drive*.QBRQuickBooks Report templateWhen you export the template for a memorized file, QuickBooks saves the file with a.QBR extension.*.DESLayout designer template export fileQuickBooks provides a number of templates where you can use your forms*.QBOQuickBooks Online Bank Statement FileThis file is used for an electric bank statement downloaded from a financial institution’s website.*.INIInitialization fileA config log file for QuickBooks*.LGBLittle Green BoxRelated to SDK log files for QuickBooks which has encrypted details about usernames and passwords. It is utilized when an software needs with QuickBooks while it is unattended or closed. The username and password save in this file are used to get in touch with all the Sybase server.*.QWCQuickBooks Web ConnectorQWC file carry encrypted contain about the next party app integrated with QB*.QBPQuickBooks Print fileThis file stores form settings employed by QuickBooks to print the form*.WPR.INIWindows Print FileThis file store QuickBooks Printer setting

    Accounting Files

    File ExtensionFile TypesDescription*.AIFAccountant’s Copy import fileThis file generated when an Accountant’s copy is exported, to be used for importing into a client’s company file*.QBAQuickBooks Accountant copy working fileFile employed for accountant’s review*.QBA.TLGTransaction log file for the Accountant’s copyWhen you back up an accountant’s review copy, QuickBooks starts a logoff transaction that you’ve entered since the last time you backed up. If you accidental lack of your company data, the Intuit tech support team team can use your latest backup with the transaction log file to recoup your data.*.QBJGeneral Journal EntriesThe .QBJ file could be used to easily incorporate general journal entries created by your accountant to your company file.*.QBXAccountant’s review copyBackup designed for an accountant’s copy associated with the user’s company file. When accountant restores this, it really is an Accountant’s copy for the file*.QBYAccountant’s Copy import fileWhen your accountant is finished making alterations in an accountant’s copy, she or he provides you with an imported.QB file to your company file.

    Utility and Log Files

    Logs problems found/situations corrected

    File extensionFile typeDescription*.AVIAudio Video InterleaveA format which contains both audio and video data in a file is known as a multimedia file. This is certainly utilized in QuickBooks for “Show Me” files.*.IIFIntuit Interchange FormatIt could be created for importing lists and transactions.*.NDNetwork Data FileA configuration file that enables access to the QuickBooks company file.*.RTP Used for the auto-patch*.TLGTransaction log fileKeeps monitoring of changes towards the file since the last backup*.WAVWindows sound formatSound Advice files(used into the CD type of QuickBooks)*.Qbwin.logQB Windows logA File is created/updated when a user runs verify and rebuild.*.QB backup.tmpQB Back temp foldersFile created during failed online or scheduled the backup with date and time stamp. Not able to used to restore data.*.Temp1234.qbt In this File Extensions, a file is generated through pass 1 of a rebuild and deleted automatically when rebuild is done.*.QBSDK.log This file extension is a use of logs for errors in QuickBooks as well as other services such as web connectors.*.QWC.logQB Web connector logThis file extension can be used for Logs for Web connector errors and process.*.SyncManagerLogger.logSync Manager logLogs for Web Connectors errors and process.*.ECMLEntitlement fileStores installation license, and registration dataqbstbl2.usaUS Tax Table FileIf you use payroll into the QuickBooks Desktop then you’ll be need this file to enable you to have the latest current tax table. This file offers the latest payroll tax information that will help in calculating your payroll taxes.LOGEvent Log FileThere are some important file that QuickBooks store within the files utilizing the .log entension.

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    There are two type of files utilizing the .log extension.

    1. QBwin.log ? It records the issues that are found through the rebuild process.

    2. QWC.log ? It record the net Connect Errors.

    With the help of the log files you can easily troubleshoot these errors.

    Payroll Files(applies into the US only)

    File extensionDescription*.1PAFiles used to generate forms 940 and 941(QuickBooks for Windows 4.0 through QuickBooks 2004)*.TXT & *.SETUsed in QuickPay version 2.0/2.1Prddesvr.exe, Product.fam, Perwin95.ini, Perval.dllThese files can be used for printing 940/941 forms.Taxbl.usaIntegrated Payroll tax table file

    QuickBooks Statement Writer

    File ExtensionFile TypeDescription*.QSMQSW Statement fileQuickBooks save the information and knowledge by using QuickBooks Statement Writer in a file with all the .QSM file extensions. These QSM files may also be used when you look at the Excel.*.QSSQSW Appearance fileThe files using the .qss file extensions support the information for the statements and reports which can be customized using the QuickBooks Statement Writer. These settings will undoubtedly be saved into the QSS files. You can also apply these settings to other reports using the QSS file. *.QSTQSW Template fileThe files with .qst file extensions will be the template files. These template files are generally for sale in QuickBook if you'd like to use any specific layout.

    Fixed Asset Manager(applies to the US only)

    File ExtensionDescription*.Fx0Compressed FAM data file. Stores asset data*.Fx1Stores system data*.Mx0Header file*.FPxStores report data*.FXRFAM backup sync log file*.FIMStores CSV import data headers


    QuickBooks Extensions for Mac(applies into the US only)

    File ExtensionFile TypeDescription*.QB2016Company FileQuickBooks 2016 for Mac company file data file*.QB2015Company FileQuickBooks 2015 for Mac company file data file*.QB2014Company FileQuickBooks 2014 for Mac company data file*.QBBBackup FileWindows-compatible QuickBooks for Mac backup file*.QBMBBackup FileQuickBooks for Mac disk backup file(QuickBooks for Mac 2012 and earlier)*.DMGApple Disk image fileIn QuickBooks Mac 2013 and later make use of the Apple disk image to produce backups*.plistApple Property list filePreference files that store registration and any preferences set within QuickBooks

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