• QuickBooks Subscription Has Lapsed

    QuickBooks has Expired Error

    Perhaps one of the most common errors or conditions that QuickBooks users face could be the error problem QuickBooks has expired. What can cause this error and exactly how would you resolve it? Let us know more concerning this here.

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     QuickBooks Subscription Has Lapsed

    Factors behind “QuickBooks has Expired” Error

    There might be several reasons for this error:

    • Your QuickBooks software is almost certainly not fully registered.
    • You 30-days trial period is over along with not registered your software yet.
    • Your files are corrupt
    • Your license is invalid
    • Your installation just isn't complete etc


    Steps to Solve the “QuickBooks has Expired” Error

    Users can try listed here methods to solve the aforementioned error:

    Method 1: Check for registration of the QuickBooks software

    It could be that the application is not fully registered. With this, you'll want to check and register QuickBooks software again. The steps are:

    • Click on F2
    • On the upper left corner, look at the tab “REGISTERED”?
    • If you fail to see this, you need to register the program.


    Method 2: Register QuickBooks software within thirty days of installation

    QuickBooks software works for a time period of four weeks without registration. Once 30-days are completed and you have not registered the application yet, it is possible to face the “QuickBooks has Expired” Error. Make certain that the registration of QuickBooks software program is done within 1 month of installation.

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    Method 3 Upgrade the QuickBooks software

    It may possibly be that your particular QuickBooks files were corrupt and hence showing “QuickBooks has Expired” Error. Uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks software on the pc. Upgrade the software towards the latest 2018 version.


    Method 4 Properly install the QuickBooks software

    Make sure that your QuickBooks software license is valid, well registered and installed properly and fully. You can connect with Intuit Telephone and remote support to verify this.


    Method 5 Scan the pc for almost any corrupted files and viruses

    Sometimes, malware, corrupted files also cause the error of QuickBooks has Expired. So install QuickBooks repair tool and run the tool to eradicate viruses in the system. As soon as you compete running the tool, restart the computer to utilize the QuickBooks software and look whether the error still appears or not.


    Are you still facing the problem “QuickBooks has Expired” Error? E mail us

    In the event that dilemma of expiration of QuickBooks still persists even with  using the above-mentioned methods, it is necessary to get in touch with professional experts. For any issues, call QuickBooks Tech Support contact number. We are a group of professional QuickBooks technical experts for resolving any problems linked to QuickBooks.

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