• QuickBooks License Error After Clone

    How exactly to Fix QuickBooks License Error After Clone  could not initialize license properties.

    QuickBooks Registration errors.

    Difficulties with online banking in QuickBooks.

    No option is displayed to open up the business file.

    Sync Licensed Data On The Internet Is disabled.


    Ensure you have a legitimate product registration key, to verify you are able to call QuickBooks Support.

    QuickBooks License Error After Clone

    It will always be suggested to take a backup of your company file before moving QuickBooks from one computer to the other. Our Support team provides some simple steps to Fix QuickBooks License Error After Clone manually.

    Try running QuickBooks File Doctor if you are getting the error while opening the organization file after cloning.

    Always use the essential updated version of QuickBooks on each of your computers.

    Easy Solution for QuickBooks License Error After Clone

    Solution 1: Delete QuickBooks Entitlement Data Folder

    Press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together on your keyboard and open Task Manager.

    Underneath the Processes tab right click qbw32.exe process and select End Task.

    Click Yes regarding the confirmation window.

    Press Windows + R and type C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 (or v6).

    Hit OK and locate ECML file folder.

    Right click on the file folder and select Delete.

    Click Yes for the confirmation and exit the folder.

    Now open QuickBooks and try to re-register the merchandise.

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    Solution 2: Update Windows Operating System utilizing the Latest Updates Available

    Click on the Start button on your own Desktop and type Update.

    Select System Update through the set of programs and click Check for Updates.

    If updates are available, then click Install Updates Now.

    Restart your computer after Windows download all the updates as it will install the update on the boot screen.

    After Windows finish installing most of the updates, try running and registering QuickBooks once again.

    For detailed instructions follow article Windows Update: FAQ.

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    Solution 3: Temporarily Turn-off your Antivirus Protection

    Every antivirus has a different interface, it is therefore not possible to list an individual step by step approach to turn-off your antivirus protection on a temporary basis, but one strategy this is certainly common in most for the majority of associated with security applications is listed below.

    Click on the small arrow in the taskbar of your desktop located at the bottom right corner of one's computerís screen.

    Right click on the icon of your antivirus and choose Disable Protection.

    Select time that you'll have to register QuickBooks for e.g. 30 minutes.

    When the product is registered your antivirus protection will automatically resume after 30 minutes, or you can click on the same icon when you look at the taskbar and select Enable protection.

    In the event that you donít find these choices to disable the Antivirus, you'll be able to speak to your antivirus support.

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