• QuickBooks Is Unable To Backup The Company File


    Just how to fix ‘QuickBooks incapable of Backup Company File’ Error?


    ‘QuickBooks® unable to back up company files’ is a QuickBooks® desktop error that appears when you try to back up company files (.QBW) data using  backup options of this software. The error may possibly occur due to several reasons such as QBW file corruption, damaged ND files, etc. This post can help you comprehend the causes of such error and discusses answers to help fix the matter.

    Data is probably one of the most important assets for just about any organization. A frequent backup of business data not merely helps prevent data loss but also reduces downtimes and ensures business continuity.

    QuickBooks Is Unable To Backup The Company File

    QuickBooks®—a top-notch business accounting software—stores all the business data and transaction details in company files (.QBW) on local storage. This makes QuickBooks® data vulnerable to data loss due to hardware breakdown or software errors. Thus, keeping a typical backup of QBW files is crucial. If you are Unable To Create Backup Of Company File just call on our toll free number.


    QuickBooks® features an option to generate a backup of company files on an inside or external drive. It will help you restore it in a few clicks if the company files get corrupt or accidentally deleted.



    It's also possible to automate the procedure to generate a backup of your QuickBooks® company files at regular intervals.


    However, while taking QuickBooks backup, you may sometimes experience errors such as,


    QuickBooks Struggling To Backup Company File

    Backup failed


    Reasons behind QuickBooks Backup Errors

    ‘QuickBooks struggling to Backup Company File’ error may possibly occur as a result of following reasons:


    Corrupt Company (.QBW) file

    Damaged Network Data (.ND) file

    Company file name exceeds the 65-characters limit

    Company backup file exceeds 3 GB size limit

    QuickBooks® files used by another program during backup process

    Backup storage media is not available/connected

    Wrong backup path in QuickBooks® settings

    Steps to solve ‘QuickBooks struggling to Backup Company File’ Error

    Here are the possible steps to eliminate QuickBooks not able to back up company file error on a Windows PC.

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    Step 1: Run Anti-Virus/Malware Scan


    Run a comprehensive antivirus or anti-malware scan on your personal computer by utilizing any trusted antivirus or anti-malware tool. The step is essential if the QuickBooks® backup error is due to some malware or virus intrusion.


    Step 2: Update QuickBooks® Software


    You may need to reinstall QuickBooks® software if the backup error persists. However, that's not an ideal solution, because you will have to go through the entire QuickBooks® setup again.


    Alternatively, you may search for the software updates. Installing the newest updates might also fix the QuickBooks® struggling to back up company file error.


    To test and install the updates,


    Open QuickBooks® software and go to Help>Update QuickBooks…


    Click on Update Now

    Choose the available updates and click in the Get Updates button to download the updates


    Restart the application. It will probably prompt you to definitely update, click Install or Yes and follow the update installation wizard


    After installing the updates, reboot the system

    Open the program and try to back up your .QBW company files

    Step Three: Check Backup Path


    QuickBooks® may fail to back up the company file if the backup path is faulty or unavailable. Check the backup location drive or directory before initiating the backup task. If backup directory exists on an external drive, be sure it really is firmly connected to the system. To check on, follow these:


    In QuickBooks®, go to Preferences and look at the backup directory or path in which you want to save the backup company files

    Verify the path and look if it is valid and accessible

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    Step four: Check and Rename the Company File (.QBW)


    QBW file name should not contain any special characters. Also, the sheer number of characters when you look at the name ought to be 65 or less.


    NOTE: By using Loan Manager in QuickBooks®, recreate loan manager information after renaming the company file.


    Visit your company file location C:\ Users\ Public\ Public Documents\ Intuit\ QuickBooks\  and look the file name

    Right-click regarding the file and choose the Rename option

    Remove extra and special characters through the file name. You may also rename the organization file

    Press ‘Enter’ and that’s it

    Now make an effort to back up your QuickBooks® data.


    Step 5: Rename Network Data (.ND) File


    You can’t back up a company file if the .ND file is damaged or perhaps you have moved the .QBW file to a different location regarding the PC without moving the corresponding .ND file during upgrade.


    Open Windows File Explorer and go to C:\ Users\ Public\ Public Documents\ Intuit\ QuickBooks\

    The .ND file gets the same name as the company file with .ND extension





    Right-click regarding the .ND file and choose ‘Rename’

    Add .old at the conclusion of the file name extension and press ‘Enter’ to save lots of


    When you have moved the .QBW to another location, copy the .ND file and paste it at the exact same location.


    Go back to QuickBooks® backup option and attempt to back up the company file again.


    Step 6: Use QuickBooks® Rebuild Data Utility


    QuickBooks® has a choice to rebuild company files. All of the issues such as ‘Backup Failed’ or ‘QuickBooks struggling to back up company file’ may be resolved by rebuilding the organization files data.


    Follow these steps to rebuild company files in QuickBooks® software:


    Go to File>Utilities and then click on Rebuild Data


    Click the OK button if a prompt generally seems to back up the company file

    Wait for some time and then click OK when ‘Rebuild has completed’ message appears

    Following the rebuild is performed, go to File>Utilities>Verify Data to check in the event that rebuild was successful. Then you will need to back up the company files once again.


    If these solutions don’t fix the backup error, use Stellar Repair for QuickBooks® Software.


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