• QuickBooks Error H101, H202, H303 Or H505

    Simple tips to Fix QuickBooks Error Code H101, H202, H303, H505

    Let’s We are going to discuss how exactly to Fix QuickBooks Error codes at length through this article. This short article helps you to resolve this error and you can follow this instruction for resolving this error codes otherwise you get help for any types of issue then you contact our QuickBooks tech support team Professional and QuickBooks customer care Experts to quickly and easily solve it. They usually have gives the most helpful solution with regards to your problems.  QuickBooks Error Code H101, H202, H303, H505 is the typical error one of those that occurs when you attempt to access the business files which are located from another computer.

    If you think Your QuickBooks Can not Open Company File and you need any help just you contact our Expert.

    Make sure your QuickBooks correctly and completely installed on your system before beginning. It is most critical to set up on your own server. Because without one you can't completely use the multi-user mode. It could be a computer desktop version with a license and database manager hosting only. Download the QuickBooks from here.

    QuickBooks Error H101, H202, H303 Or H505

    Why QuickBooks Error Code H101, H202, H303, H505 Occurs

    Whenever you open the company when you look at the multi-user mode then it shows the error.

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    QuickBooks Error H202

    You attempt to work with an organization file this is certainly on the other computer this replica QuickBooks cannot reach the server using the pc.

    It seems as soon as your computer cannot communicate with the QuickBooks Software server.

    QB Error H101, 303, H505

    You might be an endeavor to work well with company files on another computer that needs additional installation and configuration.


    Why This Error Occurs:

    Company Desktop trying to hook up to the company file but cannot keep in touch with the QuickBooks Software Server.

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    There are lots of reasons that can be the sources of shows this error:


    Incorrect hosting configuration.

    When you set to block incoming and outgoing communication or QuickBooks Firewall to block usage of company files.

    Damaged or Incorrect Configuration. ND files configuration allows QuickBooks usage of the organization files in a network.

    QuickBooks Database Server Manager is unable to get the IP address of hosting computers or use the different IP addresses.

    As soon as the DNS setting is incorrect.

    QuickBooks services like QuickBooks DBXX/QBCF will not start.

    Several Techniques To Resolve Error Code H101, H202, H303, H505 

    Follow the several techniques to resolve QuickBooks Error H101, H202, H303, H505 given just below:

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    Method 1: Making Use Of The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

    The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is operate on the server once the downloaded. It automatically clears the H-series and multi-user error. If you see the error then you proceed with the next solution.


    Method 2: Verifying the Hosting & Services

    Hosting Verified:

    For each hosting computer open QuickBooks and go to file > Utilities.

    From the list view the Multi-user-access, this computer just isn't hosting the file. Relocate to the second laptop. Remember don’t change anything on your workstation.

    If you notice stop Multi-user access hosting then you choose it.

    Within the company, the file should be closed window. Press yes.

    Services Verified:

    Be sure the starting of QuickBooksDBXX and QBCF Monitor Service:


    Press on the Windows start button.

    Click on the Window + R key choice to bring up the Run box.

    Into the Run box type MSC and click Enter.

    Server Window:

    For QuickBooks service, Scroll Down And Presence.

    If unable to see QuickBooks service.

    The database manager has also been installed on the server that confirmed.

    Open QuickBooks, if you run the total program in the server, choose and check to enable hosting.

    Double-click on the QuickBooks DBXX service together with startup type plus the start style of service status that confirmed.

    Press on Recovery.

    Open the pc system then menu select restart, this can automatically restart the QuickBooks DB service if it fails. Do the same for the second failure.

    Press to save the changes.

    Replay the above mentioned all steps mentioned for the QBCF Monitor service.

    Now open the QuickBooks into the multi-user mode on each workstation.

    Method 3: Open QuickBooks Network Ports To Communicate Configure The Firewall  

    Reinstall the AVG program to improve the defender of windows which comes built into Windows 8 home. For any related Queries, Contact the AVG guide provider or you like to maintain the AVG software. Proceed with the given steps on each computer.


    Regarding the left, result in the Windows Firewall settings connection.

    Right-click on Outbound rules, Choose new rules to decide on ports and then press next.

    Select TCP, In the specific local ports box.

    Decide to allow connection and press next.

    Press close to enter a name when you look at the name field (e.g.” QuickBooks ports”) and then click finish.

    Repeat the above steps for Inbound Rules.

    Method 4: Add The Server To Your Window File

    Edit the Windows host file.


    Method 5: Create A New Folder For The Company And Share It By Permitting Access To Share With You Company Files

    Regarding the hosting computer, create a fresh folder, share it, and set windows to obtain entry permissions to share company files.

    Copy the .qbw file from the new folder.

    Open the organization files on the multi-user mode.

    I hope this short article helps you to fix the QuickBooks Error Code H101, H202, H303, H505 and you have more help associated with any queries then you contact our certified Intuit Proadvisor to quickly solve it. You can easily contact also QuickBooks Error Support experts and QuickBooks Technical Support Professional. We are open to solve any kind of issue whenever you want. We provide all instant solutions and helpful guidelines linked to your problems.

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