• QuickBooks Error 6098, -5

    What is QuickBooks Error 6098, -5? Just how to resolve it?


    Quickbooks is an accounting software manufactured by Intuit. It is utilized by small and medium to keep tabs on their expenses. However, users face many problems while using QuickBooks services.

    If you think your QuickBoooks Company data file is damaged and you need any help just you contact our Expert.

    QuickBooks Error 6098, -5

    Among those errors is QuickBooks Error 6098, -5, which falls in Error 6000 series. This error occurs when you try to replace the QB original files with a backup file or with a copy via the exact file name. Whenever you attempt to open QuickBooks, this problem occurs. We shall make an effort to address the matter, but in case it will not get solved, we might advise you to contact QuickBooks support phone number.

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    What are the symptoms for QuickBooks Error 6098, -5?

    This program automatically shuts down after showing the message.


    Your personal computer gets slow, Application get slow too


    The pc Hangs much time


    What's the reason for For Error 6098, -5?


    There might be several causes of the error. We are addressing here a few of them.


    Quickbooks files not downloaded completely


    Quickbooks installation files have damage


    The registry files are corrupted. Thus it is really not working


    An antivirus is interfering aided by the QB software

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    Solutions to Resolve Error 6098, -5

    Because this error happens, as soon as the location path is incorrect. We shall try to look for the location road to resolve the issue.


    Open your system, sign in as an administrator.


    Open the intuit sync manager. It is a background program which runs with Microsoft OS.


    Go To options, click on show details.


    Now, Right-click on the company name, then select company info.


    Now, you will need to ensure that the positioning path is correct.


    To ensure, go directly to the original location, where company files are stored. Set the place path Again to your original.


    Now try to sync again, to see in the event that problem gets resolved.

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    Chances are, the difficulty should get resolved. However, to ensure, your personal computer just isn't infected by any virus, you will need to do a complete malware scan to check if the issue gets resolved. If you should be still facing the situation, then Contact on Quickbooks support number to get help. If you want to contact them, then give a call on their customer support cell phone number which is a toll-free. There are some other methods to contact them like writing an email to online email support or visiting their website and requesting for online chat support.

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