• QuickBooks Abort Error

    QuickBooks Abort Error


    While dealing with QuickBooks the user may encounter some issues. These issues may hinder the job making it tough to complete the job. This website must be able to help you when your QuickBooks keeps aborting.

    QuickBooks Abort Error

    About QuickBooks Abort Error

    Quickbooks Abort Error creates difficulty in accessing the business files. A mistake message gets shown stating “The connection to the company files has been lost“. Any changes made to be data should be re-entered. Quickbooks gets closed immediately. In addition implies that there clearly was some damaged file in QuickBooks. Now lets the complexities additionally the aftereffects of the abort error. If you want to know about QuickBooks Abort Error Support then call our Experts.


    Reasons Why QuickBooks Keeps Aborting

    Here you will find the reasons for QuickBooks abort error to occur.


    Damaged or missing QBWUSER.INI files from QuickBooks.

    The hard disk may be corrupted.

    Multiple personal computers would be put up using one network to host QuickBooks.

    Using QuickBooks different versions on a multiple user mode

    Any pending QuickBooks update

    If the antivirus software of this computer clashes with QuickBooks

    Quickbooks might be corrupted

    The folder where in actuality the file is saved might need some additional permission

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    Aftereffects of QuickBooks Abort Error

    If the Abort Error QuickBooks occurs, it hinders the working together with QuickBooks.


    While working together with QuickBooks, it shuts down automatically. QuickBooks unrecoverable error occurs together with the message

    The computer system crashes randomly.

    It is also possible that QuickBooks may crash with no message in the display.

    If the computer system has windows 8 then QuickBooks gets terminated frequently if this error appears.

    Methods to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error

    There are some solutions if your QuickBooks keeps aborting. Perform these steps to get the best results. Get assistance from the pros for better guidance. To correct the problem restart the database server manager, move the file towards the different folder, set the power-saving mode never to.

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    Solution 1: Use QuickBooks File Doctor

    QuickBooks File Doctor


    Install Quickbooks File Doctor

    Double-click the icon to launch the Tool

    Now view the outcome-

    If it shows “no error detected” then the files are ok

    If it shows “error detected” then

    Repair the file

    Restore the backup

    Recover the lost data with the aid of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

    Solution 2: Rename the QBWUSE.INI File

    Rename the QBWUSE.INI File


    Renaming will remove the last variety of files opened.


    Allow the hidden folders where in fact the QBWUSE.INI file is saved

    Navigate to Location:\[user name]\AppData\Intuit\quickbooks [year]\

    Now right click QBWUSE.INI

    Click on rename and add .oLd at the conclusion of the file name

    Rename the .ecml file

    Now try opening the file

    In the event that file does not open, then copy the file to a different folder. Now try opening the file from there. It should be a local folder instead of a network location.


    Solution 3: look at the hosting status of QuickBooks

    Check the hosting status of QuickBooks


    Head to Files

    Click on Utilities

    Now click on stop hosting to multi-user access

    Open the company file regarding the multi-user mode

    See for the checkmark into the box labeled – “open file in multi-user mode” is there.

    Sometimes the firewall associated with system may block the network access which often would block a lot of QuickBooks files and programs. So it is essential to configure windows firewall to utilize QuickBooks.


    Hope these fixes could have helped in solving the matter. If still that great same issue, contact at QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number.


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