• Error While Creating or Working On An Accountant’s Copy

    Resolve accountant’s copy Error 

    This article will make suggestions exactly how you may get rid of errors disrupting transfer services. You might encounter errors while sending an accountant’s copy through the Accountant’s Copy File Transfer Service (ACFT). The error you get could be one of several following:

    • Problem sending your file into the Intuit Server
    • Warning: “problem sending the changes towards the accountant’s copy file transfer server. Please try again later or save a file and send by email”
    • QuickBooks error support team will show you aided by the approaches to resolve these errors.

    Known reasons for the error:

    • QuickBooks desktop requires an update.
    • Copying a text containing a lengthy dash from MS word to your notes. An extended dash is entered in MS word by making use of two single dashes between your two hyphenated words.
    • Your QuickBooks company file (QBW file) is larger than or corresponding to 200MB.
    • Slow internet connection or firewall interruption can also result in the error to take place.
    • Damaged QuickBooks company data file.

    There is certainly more than one treatment for this issue. QuickBooks support team recommends you to definitely try these answers to fix the error. Perform the solutions into the given order or if you are not comfortable to perform these solutions it is possible to contact QuickBooks support, for direct assistance 

     Error While Creating or Working On An Accountant’s Copy

    Simple tips to fix the errors with file transfer service?

    Solution 1: Check your company file name

    You'd be required to analyze your business file name. There ought to be no special characters available in the name regarding the company file.

    Also make sure that there are not any commas in:

    • File Name (QuickBooks Desktop 2016)
    • Company Name (QuickBooks Desktop 2014)


    Solution 2: upgrade your QuickBooks desktop

    Your QuickBooks desktop must be updated towards the latest release. This not just fixes your issue but also reduces a big change of further errors. The QuickBooks versions supported by Accountant File Transfer Service (ACFT) are QuickBooks Desktop 2014 (R11), 2015 (R9) or 2016 (R5), as well as QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 14 (R11), 15 (R9) or 16 (R5). ACFT doesn’t support QuickBooks versions just before these.

    Visit: https://www.proaccountingxpert.com/unable-to-create-or-work-on-an-accountants-copy/

    Important: you might require rebooting your system if upgrading does not permit you to send or receive Accountant Copy files.

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    Solution 3: optimize QuickBooks company file size

    In case your company file size exceeds 200MB, you would require reducing the size of your QuickBooks company file. Follow the steps below to lessen company file size:

    • Within the QuickBooks Company file (QBW), open the Company Information window by holding the F2 key.
    • Note how big the file from the file information tab.

    Note: the dimensions of the file is mentioned in Kilobytes (KB). 1,000 KB = 1 Megabyte (MB)

    You will encounter an error If the file dimensions are more than 200,000 KB (200 MB).in that case, you are able to opt for either:

    • Reducing file size by Creating or restoring QuickBooks portable company file.
    • Not using Accountant File Transfer Service and manually saving and sending the QBX/QBY files.
    • When your company file size appears to be less than 200 MB, proceed to another solution.


    Solution 4: verifying an extended dash in your notes

    • Remember to directly go into the text in notes into the client without long dashes.
    • You should use a text editor to produce the written text. Copy and paste the text from Text Editor to avoid errors.
    • Send the MS Word document to your client through e-mail with your changes file (QBY).

    A single dash can be utilized but do not use a long dash in MS word.


    Solution 5: repair damaged company data file

    You would need to repair your QuickBooks company file in case it is diagnosed as damaged.

    See whether the thing is together with your company file. It is possible to perform a test on an innovative new file.

    • Select File > New Company.
    • Click on Express Start.
    • Create an accountants copy and send it. If it really works, come back to the file and proceed with step 2.
    • Perform troubleshooting to resolve data damage on your own company file.
    • Contact QuickBooks Support to learn just how to resolve data damage on QuickBooks company file.


    If for example the issue remains unresolved, you may need to restore a backup of the company file:

    • Restore the backup regarding the affected company file, to a different location distinctive from the main one where in actuality the file with all the error is located.
    • Open the file in QuickBooks that you simply restored.
    • If this fixes the error supercede your damaged company file using the restored QuickBooks backup file .you can and enter the transactions that occurred since running the backup after restoring the organization file.

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